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Brand: tt0023
Price: $6.00/piece
Min quantity: 158 PCS
Expiry: 30th January,2022
FOB price: $9.25/piece   
SKU: H29680US
Inventory: 158 PCS
Area: United States
Deliver: In 3 days
Package Information: One package
Package G.W/LBS: 0.67
Package Dimensions /inch: 6.6*3.76*3.68
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Business card

  • Corporate namett0023
  • Couplet System Peoplett0023 (Sir)
  • Company Office Number+86 15869101588
  • Company addressChina
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Business card


  • Contacts:tt0023(Mr.) 
  • Telephone:
  • Address:China
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Product details
Package Information:
One package
Package G.W/LBS:
Package Dimensions /inch:
This kind of lamp is your nice life assistance for daily use. Features: Mini size & lightweight, convenient to use. Made of superb material, it is long-lasting. Clear reading and display for better use experience. I-deal gift for holiday present. Specifications: Ø led time display Ø two optional display modes: DP-1 / DP-2 Ø light dark (L1 ~ L3) three gear selection Ø 3 function keys: set, up, down Date: January 1, 2000 ~ December 31, 2099 Ø 4-digit time display: hour, minute Alarm clocks al1, al2 and Al3 Ø working voltage: 3.0v-4.5v Ø LEDs does not display when powered by single button cell Package size: 165 * 94 * 92mm Package weight: 290g Packing list: 1 * Clock

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